3D grey rock background with weir cover


We do 3d backgrounds with weir covers

If you are interested in getting a made to measure 3d background with incorporated weir cover, please prepare a simple top view drawing and a picture of your tank. We need to know the exact internal dimensions of your aquarium and weir box dimensions in order to give you the quote. There are 2 options: one cheaper and one more expensive :) 

Option 1 cheaper:
we supply you with a 3d background stripes/sections cut  accordingly to your aquarium dimensions. Each stripe of background has to be siliconed inside your aquarium. That means, that your tank has to be empty and glass cleaned before applying silicone. Silicone should cure within 24h but it's better to wait 48hours before filling the tank with water. 

Option 2 more expensive due to labour, longer production time:
we supply you with a 3d background cut in sections with connecting clips mounted behind each section. The weir cover box is  incorporated in the background. You don't have to use any silicone. You just slide the sections inside and connect with clips. You can have water and fish inside your aquarium during installation. See the video below. 

To get quote for your fish tank please email us with the drawing and the picture of your tank. 

In this video you will see the process of getting quote and installation of background in couple of sections with incorporated weir cover.

That's the weir cover box built from 3d beige background - option 2

Weir cover

3D grey rock background with side walls and weir covers
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