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The difference between 3d Thin rock and 3D Rock

What's the difference between 3D thin rock and 3D rock background?

The 3D Thin rock background is almost flat, the thickness is around 1cm. This type of background has still rocky structure, but takes a little space. It's perfect for narrow and small or nano tanks. You can just slide the background inside and it will stay in place. You can also silicone the background inside and mount filter pipes

 How to silicone 3d background inside aquarium

in front of the background using pipes clips (see the image above). If you decide to install thin rock background there is no room behind the background, so the filter and heater will be visible in front of the background.

Aquarium Background in aquarium with braces


If you have support braces, we will provide you with background cut in sections in order to fit inside. You can have also clips behind the background to connect the sections or no clips. If you decide to silicone the background inside your tank there is no need for clips. 

How to connect background in sections


The 3D Rock background thickness is between 2-5cm. The structure of this background is very irregular. The installation is also very easy, you just slide the background inside your tank and background stays in place, no need to use silicone. The main advantage of having 3d rock background is that you can hide filter pipes, heater behind the background, so only the inlet and outlet of filter pipes are in front of background. 

How to hide filter pipes behind the background

Filter inlet and outlet in front of 3d rock background





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