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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you do backgrounds for corner tanks?

A: Yes, Background for corner tank will be shaped like letter L . It will be two sections one L shaped and second straight background with clips behind to connect those two parts.

Q: How to install 3d Background?

A: You just have slide the background in. Background doesn't float. You can fix it and level it with gravel or stones. You can use silicone, but it's not necessary in most cases.

1. Background should be first rinsed with water to remove possible dust
2. Drain your tank a bit to avoid spillage during sliding the background inside your tank
3. Slide the background inside the tank
4. Use gravel, substrate or stones to level it up. If the background height is too small use extra gravel or stones to make it higher.
5. Water level should be less then background top edge, so fish will not swim behind it
6. Use side nets/mesh – fold them
7. You can adjust the size of background using jigsaw or angle grinder.
8. You can drill holes for pipes, water inlet or outlet using normal drill
9. All heater and pipes can be hidden behind the background, but it is recommended to use additional power head/small internal filter to increase warm water circulation. Place internal filter close to heater to push out warm water from behind the background.
10. Thin background doesn’t have side mesh, it should be siliconed to the back wall of your tank if you don’t want your fish swim behind it. It’s too thin to use mesh on sides.
11. If you ordered background in 2 sections, to get best visual effect, use clear silicone in the joint. So the line of cut will not be much visible. You don’t have to use clips provided , but only silicone or both.
12. Cleaning of the background – use sponge to remove algae’s. Don’t use any chemicals for cleaning, only water from your aquarium.

Q: Is the 3d Background flexible?

A: No, background is not flexible, it's solid and you can't bend it, as it's made from polyresin

Q: How can I trim the background?

A: You can use jigsaw, handsaw or angled grinder to cut background. If you don't have any DIY skills we can supply you background custom built according to given dimensions.

Q: I have aquarium with support braces, how do I install 3d background?

A: We can provide background in couple of sections, each section can be slide separately in the tank and join sections inside the tank. The joint will be visible as it is straight line cut, but you can use plants or other decor to cover it. Also you may use clear silicone in the gap to make it less visible.


IdoSell Trusted Reviews
4.79 / 5.00 173 reviews
IdoSell Trusted Reviews
Excellent produce for hiding your ugly pump & filter !. I think you would benefit from producing a L/H version of this item also.
Well worth the wait on this getting made fantastic back ground .looks so realistic and the tank is night and day what a difference .I will defenently order again from this company .The delivery arrived yesterday and was amazingly packed no damage every detail can be seen on this 3d back thank you again well worth the money thank you