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How to install 3d aquarium background in your fish tank?

How to install a 3D aquarium background?

The installation of 3d background is really easy. Our 3D backgrounds are made from poly-resin, which is very durable material and sinks. If you've ordered a background in 2 sections or more, you need to first slide the first section of background with tabs mounted behind and then slide the second section of background and connect both pieces together.

You just need to slide the background inside your aquarium. You can have water in your fish tank and even fish and other decoration. It's recommended to drain some water to avoid spillage during sliding the background inside your tank. You can squeeze the background inside the substrate, so it will support it. The background will not fall off, it's stable and will not move. No silicone is required, but if you prefer to silicone it, you may do us, but you will need to empty the tank, dry it off etc. The thin rock backgrounds are very slim around 1cm thick, so some fish keepers prefer to silicone them inside because it's not possible to hide anything behind them - they are almost flat on the back but doesn't sit flush to the glass. 

If you need to adjust the background, trim it or cut the holes for pipes, you may use an angled grinder, hack saw, dremmel to trim it down. The holes can be cut by using a normal concrete drill or round tile cutter. Make sure you cut the background outdoor and use protective glasses and gloves. After cutting the background rinse it with water. There is no need to seal the background in the cutting places - resin backgrounds don't leak anything to the water. 

Please watch the video below showing the installation of background inside an empty tank. The background presented in the video is the 3d grey rock background. Aquarium size in the video is 120x50x40cm


Here's the video how to fix the background in a couple of sections and to make the seams invisible. 

If you have support braces you will need a background in sections, which means that we cut background in 2 halves or more sections. The line of cut is straight and we can't cut in any different way. The seam is visible, but you can use silicone in the seam and squeeze both sections together, so it will become almost invisible.


If your tank has no crossbars, the installation is very easy. Just slide the background in. See video below.

To get a quote for any 3D background size, please visit our automated quote page

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IdoSell Trusted Reviews
Excellent produce for hiding your ugly pump & filter !. I think you would benefit from producing a L/H version of this item also.
Excellent products and service, can’t fault it. Chris was very helpful and did everything I asked excellent company to deal with thank you.